Call for Papers

The 2020 Technology Of Fusion Energy (TOFE) technical program committee invites you to submit abstracts detailing outstanding research in the field of fusion science and technology. Accepted papers will be peer-reviewed and printed in a special issue of Fusion Science & Technology.

Important Dates

Deadline for Summaries: 7/1/2020

Abstracts Selected: 7/30/2020

Deadline for full Papers: 11/13/2020



  • Global Fusion Research Activities
  • Fusion Next Steps, DEMO, and Power Plants
  • Nuclear Analysis and Validation
  • ITER
  • First Wall and Divertor Plasma Facing Component and HHF Technology
  • Magnets
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Tritium Handling and Fuel Cycle
  • Fusion Materials Science and Development
  • Fusion Safety, Environment, and Accident Scenarios
  • Breeding Technologies
  • Licensing, Design Codes, Regulatory Structures
  • Critical Fusion Enabling Technologies
    • Fueling and Pumping
    • Diagnostics
    • Heating and Current Drive
    • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Plasma Interface Issues (PMI)
  • Alternative Fusion Concepts
  • IFE Technology and Concepts

Student Paper Award


Student Papers will need to be submitted to , Lauren M. Garrison by November 1st to be considered for Student Award.