General Information for Speakers


All speakers must register for at least one (1) day of the meeting. If you wish to attend additional activities or have a guest, you will need to register for those as well.

Presentation Times: Presentation times that are listed below include time for discussion.

  • Plenary  – 40 minutes with 5 minutes for questions except for Thursday which has 30 minutes for presentations and 5 minutes for questions
  • Invited – 20 minutes with 4 minutes for questions
  • Contributed -20 minutes with 4 minutes for questions

During the meeting:

  1. Power Point presentations should be formatted with an aspect ratio of 16:10. All speakers will receive an email with instructions about uploading your presentation.
  2. Please cooperate with your Session Chair by limiting your presentation to the time indicated in the Official Program.
  3.  Please do not ask the Session Chair to reschedule your paper within the session. Many attendees schedule their attendance at various sessions in accordance with the times listed in the Official Program.
  4. Please log into your technical session 15 minutes early to test sharing your screen and sound.

Instructions for Preparing your Presentation:

You will have the option of presenting the oral presentation live or you may pre-record your presentation and provide the talk to us and we will play it during your slot at the meeting.