General Paper Information

Abstracts are due no later then July 1, 2020

Submission of Abstract Abstract submission will be electronic submission via the FS&T website located at Authors must first register as an author in order to submit an abstract. After selecting Submit New Abstract on the Author Main Menu, authors will be taken to a new window with a drop down menu for Choose Article Type – select TOFE2020. Please select this submittal type and then proceed as normal to follow the manuscript submittal directions.

TOFE 2020 Abstract Template


Length of Papers-Please note this instruction has been updated as of November 5th: The subsidized page charge for all papers will be $25 per page paid for by the authors and there is no page limit.

Manuscript Format The manuscript should be prepared in accordance with FS&T regular journal instructions at Make sure to follow specific ANS/FST reference style. Similar to writing any research paper, please follow the ANS/FS&T style guide which can be found here: There is NO template. Writing guidelines are simple: Manuscripts must be typed, double spaced, with wide margins and indented paragraphs. The double-column format used for previous TOFE meetings is NOT valid.

Overview of Paper:

    • Page 1: Cover
      • Title, Authors, Address, Contact Info, TOFE Abstract Number
    • Page 2: Abstract
    • Page 3 & on: Body of Paper
    • Last Page: References

For further information, please contact: 

American Nuclear Society

Fusion Science & Technology Editorial Office

Kevin O’Kula

TOFE 2020 Publications Chair